Join our VIP Group "TAILBlazers" AND Discover the secret to...
Embrace your best Dog Lifestyle
without Dressing your dog up in a tutu.

Have you ever wanted to find a group of people that love bringing their dog "with" whether it's to a restaurant or on a cross country road trip?  BUT you don't want to hang out with people that put their dog in a purse or dress it in a ballet costume...

Welcome Home.

Exclusively by Pancake & Waffles our VIP Members Group, TAILBlazers, is for the "My Dog's Coming With" lifestyle.  We enjoy the journey with our dog... and hate to leave them at home.

Just remember, Dogs are a Lifestyle. 
You have chosen to be in their world.
AND you are their WHOLE world. 
Someday he won't be around to "leave at home" so take him with now.

When you join our FREE VIP group you'll receive the following perks:
1- Access to our "Members Only" Facebook Group
2- TAILBlazers Printable Creed
3- TAILBlazers Sticker
4- Members Only Discounts and Sneak Peak Offers at Pancake & Waffles

"Let's GO!"

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