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This Month's Topic

Welcome to January!  I'm doing a mini-repeat of a favorite blog post.  Post 764 inspired by...

Quote: Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

What’s that big, huge, seemingly unreachable goal that you have?  Don’t want to say because it seems unrealistic….

It’s OK to think that it’s “too big” or that if you were to even attempt it you’d be trying to attain the goal forever!

But this month’s quote is brilliant…

Time will pass anyway.

Just remember that.  Let’s say your big goal is to open a chain of 100 restaurants.  You have one. You know people would love your food all over the region (or country) – but it’s a big BIG goal.

This goal would take lots of money, lots of people, and most likely lots of sleepless nights… right?

So you think, this is just “to big” to even imagine.  It’s a neat goal to think about… but nah, it could never happen, it would just take too long.

Well… regardless of what you do, that time will happen (hopefully…otherwise you’re dead) nice thought — but honestly, time happens!

If you really want the 100 restaurants… why not you?!  Hey… on your journey to 100 you might think 10 is amazing… or possibly you’ll get to 250!

My point is… time will happen – so never think the goal is too big… along the way your goal may change – but you need something to be working toward and looking forward to achieving!

So go big… really big – I mean SUPER big.

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