When you're feeling exhausted and need a reboot? Make it easy on yourself.
Buy our "Miss Functioning
32 Day Gratitude Journal for
Small Business Owners"

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The Miss Functioning System is a quick reboot and simple solution all in one Gratitude Journal.

Remember, you are your business. Your success as a person directly impacts your performance as a business. This is both the problem and the secret of small business success. It’s easy to go through the day and put yourself in last position. It’s time to get out of your head and get gratitude in your life.-

-Find a Gratitude Attitude so you can stop feeling guilty about being tired and burned out.
-Generate your daily plan on paper, perfect for people that get distracted by the “bing bong” of social media feeds as you check a digital calendar on your phone.
-Create a habit in 32 days so you can get on track without a big planner that is complicated and you quit using after week two... leaving it to collect dust on your shelf.
-Build small daily gratitude habits so you can build big successes in your life and business.What’s inside?

1-The Big Picture: Start with your big goals, the goals to accomplish in the year. It can be both your business and yourself. But don’t get overwhelmed… simply determine the “small chunks” you can complete this month.

2-One Page Thoughts Vision Board: Your vision board is critical to help you visualize your new start.

3-My Next 32 Days: decide what’s important to accomplish over the next 32 days, and your plan path to success.

4-The monthly habit tracker is awesome for personalizing your journey. Pick a habit and add to the list. Each day you accomplish the habit, color that square… you earned it! At the end of the 32 days you’ll see lots of colored in squares! Start day one with a few “dream habits” and add more goals as you go.

5-Week by week. Use as a planner for the week so you know what’s coming and how to plan. This flows into each individual daily planner. On the left page you’ll see what you’re doing, “my plans for the day”, on the right page you’ll determine why you are doing it, “my attitude of gratitude”. This is your ultimate gratitude builder. Watch your habits and actions merge to “level up” your clarity and purpose.

6-At the end of each week there is a gratitude recap. The place you can keep notes all week long and highlight your special moments for each day.

7-Make sure to check out the bonus section and use all the “brain dump” and “alone with my thoughts” spaces to write notes and keep you on your track to success.It’s the system to get you on track in 32 days to identify how much is going right in your life.

Being grateful is just like all habits, it takes work to reflect and be thankful. However, you are important and worth investing in yourself. To make your business better use the Miss Functioning System to identify the best parts of your day and soon you will show gratitude as a habit.
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